About Me

Kathryn Hodge works with Comcast NBCUniversal as a MediaTech Associate; she is part of the Media Labs department, where she looks at different kinds of emerging technology to understand how they impact consumers and how to best integrate NBCUniversal content. She also runs a YouTube channel that has technical programming tutorials for people wanting to learn how to code. Last year, she launched a 30 Days of Code initiative with HackerRank, a start-up that creates coding challenges and created thirty videos with topics ranging from variables to data structures all the way up to testing code. Each video had a HackerRank challenge associated with it and the series continues to be featured on the HackerRank website with over 5 million code submissions to date and over 550,000+ views on her channel. Before coming to Comcast, she worked for three years as a computer science teaching assistant and created a course on Python 3 Standard Libraries for Lynda.com. She is very interested in the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology and is focused on building software that creates immersive experiences for viewers.


  • Target Case Study 1st Place Winner
  • Quip Diversity Scholarship 2016
  • Tapia Scholarship 2016
  • Target’s Leadership Symposium 2016
  • NCWIT Collegiate Award (HM) 2016
  • "Best IBM Watson Hack" at TechCrunch NYC 2016
  • "Best Radix Hack" at TechCrunch NYC 2016
  • "Best Use of VR" from Oculus at bitcamp 2016
  • 1st Place Overall at PearlHacks 2016
  • "Best Travel Hack" from Concur at MHacks: VII
  • MHacks Travel Scholarship 2016
  • "Most Complete Hack" at CommunityHack 2016
  • Amazon Student Scholarship Semi-Finalist 2016
  • Academic Enrichment Scholarship 2016
  • Square Code Camp VI Selected Participant
  • Vassar Tananbaum Fellowship 2015
  • Box Diversity Scholarship Semi-Finalist 2015
  • Grace Hopper Scholar 2015


  • Vassar College | Class of 2017
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Computer Science Major | Film Minor
  • In-Major GPA: 3.94
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.89

  • Duchesne Academy | Class of 2013
  • Houston, TX
  • GPA: 3.97



  • Alexa Skill Intro: Harvard's WeCode (Feb 2017)
  • Adobe Photoshop: On-Campus (Apr 2016)
  • Intro to Command Line: PearlHacks (Apr 2016)
  • iOS Development: On-Campus (Nov 2015)


Lynda.com Author

September 2016 - December 2016

Created effective and engaging online training content for beginner to advanced programmers. Used a deep understanding and working knowledge of programming, computer science fundamentals, software development best practices, as well as a passion for teaching others to create these tutorials. Created a Python Standard Library course as well as a Getting Started in Technology: Think Like An Engineer course. (Contractor)

NBCUniversal MediaTech Intern : Media Labs

Summer 2016

Worked with machine learning and bots to create a prototype content delivery application with NBCU content as a part of NBCU's innovation team. Consulted and evaluated different vendors that will help automate processes at NBC News. Created applications that will help promote NBCUniversal’s new animated movie Sing (coming in December 2016). Developed an add-on that will help merge NBCUniversal content into messaging applications.

YouTuber : Tutorial Writer

June 2015 - Present

Creating, filming, editing, and upload programming tutorials every week onto the blondiebytes YouTube Channel. Currently working on a "Code in 5" series that teaches viewers how to create a quick webpage, a chatbot, and an Alexa skill in 5 minutes. Past projects include command line tutorials along with a 30 Days of Code series designed specifically for people with no programming experience that want to learn how to code.

Codecademy Pro Advisor

April 2016 - January 2017

Worked as an online advisor for up to 30 hours per week. Chatted with students regularly to help define student goals, review coding topics one-on-one, and guide students to additional resources available to deepen learning capacity. Also helped students debug code and pass tricky exercises, motivated students, and worked with fellow advisors to support and track student progress.

Computer Science Teaching Assistant

January 2014 - October 2016

Working one-on-one with students during weekly computer laboratories as well as in office hours to answer specific questions on assignments and elaborate on broad topics, such as algorithms and data structures. Assisting supervising professors in other course-related work.

Adobe Student Representative

January 2016 - December 2016

Responsible for planning, promoting and executing at least one product training workshop each semester, amplifying program activity through word-of-mouth and social media, and developing relationships and partnerships with relevant student organizations who might benefit from a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud and/or hands-on product training.

URSI/REU Game Design Research Assistant

Summer 2015

Researched how game designers can create optimally interesting role-playing games using game trees and a method called Adversary Search. Created a game that implements this technique where the Drama Manager of the game guides the player towards more interesting and satisfying endings without forcing the player towards one single end game.

Yik Yak Campus Representative

August 2015 - May 2016

Encouraging students to download the Yik Yak application through merchandising events and other creative strategies. Facilitating open conversation between Yik Yak HQ and the Vassar community. Nurturing an accepting, diverse, and constructive community on Yik Yak. Awarded "Best Overall Photos" and "Hard Work Harry" in Fall 2015.

Production Intern at KennyEdit

Summer 2014

Assisted as needed in the production department. Worked with green screens, jib arms, and teleprompters in developing marketing material for Vision Source. Edited promotional content for Alley Theatre. Filmed charity events along with other documentary material.

Marketing Intern at Acorn Systems

Summer 2013

Assisted as needed in the marketing department. Created and edited power points for marketing presentations. Edited text for articles, whitepapers and website.